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We will be pleased to call and take care of the complete repair for you, you are not required to do any testing yourself before you call us, the following advice is provided as it may save you the cost of a repair call out.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

IRS System Installation London | Integrated Reception System UK

Integrated Reception System or IRS

An IRS (integrated reception system) is a communal aerials/dish system which integrates satellite signal and distributes these signals throughout a property such as a block of flats, terrace of houses or larger domestic system.

Combining digital TV aerial signals with satellite transmissions, it is also possible to include DAB and FM radio. An IRS system will offer the greatest choice and flexibility enabling residents to choose the method in which they receive their digital reception from a single outlet socket.

Installing an IRS system to your property will benefit you and the residents alike. Residents would no longer need thier own dish and no one likes to see a propery covered in dishes. Properties with IRS systems installed will also attract higher rental income.

IRS System Installation London

Digital Freeview TV Aerial Installation | TV Aerial Repair Services

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 TV Aerial Repair Services

Aerial Repairs | Freeview Aerial Installation

Aerial Repairs – We offer fast and cost effective repairs to TV aerials, our helpful telephone operators will be able to quickly arrange an appointment with one of our directly employed engineers.

Freeview Aerial Installation